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Webprom – Your Online Business Partner

We help clients launch their own low-risk online businesses in a multi-billion pound industry, working with many high street names. We offer a complete range of services – from A to Z – including packages, products, training, advice and ongoing support to ensure your new venture is a roaring online success.

What is Affiliate Marketing?

Affiliate Marketing is earning commission from companies by helping them sell their products online.
Affiliate marketers earn commission by setting up a niche website and placing relevant adverts on their site.
Every time someone makes a purchase – even 30 days later – the affiliate earns a commission.
Last year, UK affiliate sites earned almost £1 billion in commission.

How Does it Work?

Visitor Arrives on Your Site

Visitor finds your niche website by typing a keyword into a search engine or via social media.

Visitor Clicks on a Product

Visitor clicks on a product they want to buy and are taken to the retailer’s website to make a purchase.

You Earn Commission

Visitor purchases that product within 30 days and then you will earn a commission on the sale.

Why Use Webprom?

We are dedicated to making you another one in a long line of online success stories. Our secret? Websites designed with search engines in mind, full product and online marketing training and ongoing support to ensure you are primed and ready to launch.

How Do I Get Started?

Step 1: Find an Opportunity

Find a niche that your are interested in and develop a site around that subject so that you become a useful portal of information on that subject.

Step 2: Promote Your Site

Make sure your site is search engine friendly and market your site online and via blogging and social media to get visitors to flock to your site.

Step 3: Earn Revenue

By having relevant products that will be of interest to your visitors you will earn commission every time one of them makes a purchase via your site.

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